May 06, 2004


If you are a resident of Dhaka, then you definitely know what Banga Bazaar is. It is a wallet friendly apparels market which sells the factory rejects. The fact is that Bangladesh's main export earning (almost 60%) is from readymade garments export. The buyers are renowned labels like Levis, GAP, C&A, Wall Mart etc. They have stringent quality control requirements. So it usually happens that a portion of garments with smallest of defects, which you can never discover (Like stiching wrong size label, simplest deviation from design etc.) is rejected and they land at Banga Bazaar. So these garments are lucrative for everybody from rich to poor. Many of the buyers are foreigners who can buy branded garments at a very low cost from here. You can have many varieties and if you know how to look for them and bargain, then you can purchase goods at awesome prices. For some bargaining tips and more idea of this market read this.

Now according to this report, there are street markets flourishing in Calcutta streets in areas like the Chowringhee-Park Street stretch and Gariahat. According to the vendors, these apparels are either export rejects from Bangladesh or seconds bought from auctions at the Kidderpore dock.

The only difference is that you will get no second hand goods in Dhaka's Banga Bazaar. In Dhaka there are many well decorated fixed priced shops growing up in numbers (like Big Boss, Pre Tex etc) which sell factory second apparels. The price is a bit higher then Banga Bazaars but some are willing to spend that to avoid bargaining hassles. No wonder clothes are dirt cheap in Bangladesh if you compare it with other countries (except China).


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