May 22, 2004


In one of my previous posts I was proud to write about a Bangladesh born British becoming the British high commissioner to Bangladesh. But what happened yesterday was beyond sane people's imagination. A Bomb was hurled at him leaving him and about 70 people injured and 2 people dead. He was visiting his birth place Sylhet and coming out of the 700 years old Hazrat Shahjalal's Shrine after the Friday prayer. Read this for details.

I am glad that he only suffered minor leg injuries but his body guard, the district councilor and many are in critical condition. What was his fault? Being a British and Britain's involvement in Iraq war is the sake of this horrendous act? Clearly the islami militant groups are behind this. A similar bomb was hurled at the same place five months ago, after a threat by the Jamaat-i-Islami leader to stop the Urosh activities in the Shahjalal's shrine.

What did the police do after the first blast, nothing. They are just turning blind to their coalition partner's threats and activities. Had proper action been taken, they would not have dared to do this. The government has failed to deal with the state of lawnessness prevailing in the country because of politicization of investigations.

This has really put the whole nation in a state of shame and disgrace. We owe the British people an apology that we could not protect their diplomat. The enemy is within us who are insane enough to kill their own countrymen or even their own brothers & sisters. Its time the people should awake and start the real fight against these quarters before they destroy us.


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