May 02, 2004

GMAIL and proliferation of blogs

The word is out that the blogspot users are getting invitation for GMAIL beta version (I have got one too). Its not open for all yet. Its features include:

* 1000 MB of free email space

* You can use google search to search through your mail

* You dont need to delete your mails, you just archieve it, and you can search for the mail you want through google search. 100MB is hell lota space.

* The only web based email client with keyboard shortcuts.

Now that news should induce more and more people to use blogspot & blog.

I have come across this blog recently which contains just a one line post:

hello sir plz give me free mail account i m ruhin from bangladesh

Well he has come straight to the point and I wonder whether he would really get the invitation from GMAIL.


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