May 19, 2004


I have been forwarded this email message today for mass campaigning:

Two instances from our neighboring country and we Bangladeshis /our leaders have a lot to learn.

* Sonia Gandhi, heir to India's Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, has tearfully given up her chance to become prime minister to protect her new Congress government from damaging attacks over her Italian birth. "I must humbly decline this post," she told a chaotic party meeting in parliament's timber-paneled central hall, lined with life-sized portraits of former prime ministers, including her husband, Rajiv, and mother-in-law Indira Gandhi, who were both assassinated.

* Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee resigned Thursday following the stunning defeat of his Hindu nationalist-led coalition government. Mr. Vajpayee conceded defeat, Defense Minister George Fernandes told reporters after the Congress party and its allies had swept polls in the world's largest democracy. "We are on a mission. We have no regrets. We respect the mandate of the people," said Venkaiah Naidu, president of BJP.

Folks, it is us who are/will be selecting our country's leaders. We must think twice and try to motivate ourselves/our surroundings for a mutation. General attitude needs to be changed and if we do not start who will?

Please come forward and start a move.


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