May 15, 2004

Salute to Democracy


There has been a complete turnaround of public faith on Congress & its
allies in the recently concluded Indian Election 2004. The ruling BJP has
generously conceded defeat and prime minister Vajpayee has resigned.

The largest democracy on earth is massive in every scale. There were more
than 700,000 polling stations across the 2,973,190 sq km landmass and
ofcourse millions of voters among total population of 1,065,070,607 (2004
est.). It's amazing that India has managed the election well and with the
introduction of electronic voting system, the whole process become more
transparent, quick and trouble free.

It has become evident that the Indians opted for secularism. The ruling BJP
was confident to win with the facts that they have achieved the phenomenal
GDP growth (above 10%) in last quarter and ice of the relationship with
Pakistan has been breaking. But the people showed that they want the growth
not only in some private sectors and higher-middle class Indians but spread
across the whole population. Significant improvements in the aspects of
poverty, malnutrition, education are still needed among a large portion of

The fact is that BJP conceded defeat rather graciously and without hues &
cries and bloodshed, they have furthered the growth and democracy in India.
As Vajpayee has said:

" BJP has lost but India has won."

Certainly, Vajpayee should be remembered for his contributions in this
enormous transtion of power.
And we, in Bangladesh hope that our political leaders learn from this so
that we can show political maturity and expect this to be replicated in our

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