November 06, 2004


The next election of Bangladesh is still two years ahead. But amidst strong opposition movement the ruling BNP has already started preparations for the battle. Expensive Iftaar parties are being hosted by the party for the leaders and activists of grassroots level, whereas there is an influx of destitute people in the capital from the famine infested Northern region probably in search of some Jakaat from the rich. The opposition are also preparing battle grounds for the oust government movement. They are as usual also ignoring the destitute people's plights sleeping in kerbs. If they succeed to force early resignation of the government, there will be fresh election sooner than 2007.

Now I have something to say about the election candidates seeing the role of money and media in the recent US election. If we do not mend the fundamental flaw in nominating the wrong candidates, there is a strong chance of BNP winning again with majority and the current situation will prevail. Who are the usual candidates chosen by parties? They are businessmen or corrupt professionals nominated by the party leaders for their money and influence, but not for their merit and political ideology. These peoples irrespective of parties are the root of all problems Bangladesh is facing. These peoples' ideology is to accumulate own wealth screwing the people and the country. The poorest MP in the current parliament was Awami League's Ahsanullah Master, who was killed by vested quarters for his strong political ideals and popularity. Otherwise most of the MPs have accumulated wealth beyond imagination in a short time.

Usually the grass root workers and honest, meritorious leaders are victims of exploitation. They will do the ground works and the party will nominate some business magnet with little political knowledge who will spend millions of Takas for the election. These candidates do not have any feeling for the common people and or the grassroot workers. They will see all the events in their business interest.

Now here is an appeal to the common people of Bangladesh. Please be vocal against all the politicians deeds irrespective of parties and personal likings. Reveal the secrets about them. Ask questions what is the source of income of the prime ministers son's investment in Malysia? Ask how Awami league's Mayor Hanif has made a fortune out of nowhere? Ask how Jatiyo Party's Ershad has so much assets.

And next time please do not vote any business magnet like Salman Rahman again even he wears some party cap. Choose leaders from grassroot level and those who have integrity. And don't let the parties nominate the incompetent candidates. Above all please vote the right people irrespective of the party they are representing.

Remember, we don't need a monarchy of only one political party. We have different ideals and let there be an exercise of true multiparty democracy where the problems of the country would be seen apart from nepotism and acrimony. Have you ever calculated the time cost of a lawmaker? If they are occupied in backbiting amongst different parties, its our great loss. I believe all that can be possible if we choose the right candidate. We need to keep in mind the idioms like "Money is the root of all corruption" and "Who goes to Lanka, becomes Raban" . Poet Rabindranath Tagore said "Believe in people". I still believe in our would be leaders. I know there are true politicians who think about the country more than themselves. I know there is a change lurking somewhere. We need to act logically to find it.


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