November 17, 2004


I had a great vacation. I have not been fortunate like many of my colleagues to go to a holiday spot during the 6-days-long holidays. This year I mostly stayed at home and close to my daughter. This is her first Eid and we have began to take her out with us to shopping malls, groceries, to relatives houses etc. I should have used this vacation more wisely, reading from the thick Eid & Puja magazine volumes, preparing for the upcoming Java exam, do a bit of blogging or watch some Eid special programs in the TV. But I have spent rather a good time doing nothing of these things.

According to Qeta "Eid only signifies an occasion to have a bunch of people over (the more to make boring small talk with!) and to consume a prodigious amount of food". My Eid would have been close to that if I hadn't had my daughter to play with. Her latest habit: watching Television quietly lying in my lap.

On the other hand the traditions of numerous Eid visits in the family and friends circles can also be beneficial for us. Because in our busy lives we can have some get-together and see faces of kin which are hard to find in the whole year. And you know for some celebrating Eid away from them is more painful.

So hope you had a wonderful Eid too!


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