November 20, 2004


Hello there. I am almost 2 months old now. I can recognize the difference in people's faces. Ma is not sure whether I can remember faces but I can surely distinguish Ma & Baba from others. Life seems great when they are around. Now, my daily schedule includes exercizing by throwing my arms and legs around. Baba thinks I will be a good dancer. I do sometimes watch TV in Baba's lap. I can't tell you much about the programs, but certainly the most colorful ones are my favorite. I can see that it is a colorful world out there. I do not like mistuned music.

The most awful thing in my life happened when I was shaved bald recently (The picture above was taken earlier). Baba was against it right from the start. But in absence of him Ma, in conspiracy with granny did it despite my protest. They said that it has cleared the germs from Ma's womb I was carrying in my scalp. I felt very bad. But Baba discovered a new kind of beauty in me in the prominent eyebrows. It was a solace for me when everybody agreed that I do not look so bad after all.

I got my first shot of vaccine. Well I must tell you one thing, here in Bangladesh many babies like me get immunized from 6 deadly diseases (BCG, Polio, DPT, Measles etc.) virtually free of cost. Thanks to the effort of Expanded immunization Program (EPI) taken by the government with the assistance from international organizations like WHO and World Bank the infant mortality has been drastically reduced in Bangladesh in recent times. Do you know that it costs less than $15 to provide these immunizations which makes the difference? I was taken to one of the 278 full time community clinics fully sponsored by USAID and was amazed by their quality of service which is free. Here, with a nominal fee they provide all kinds of immunizations like Hepatitis A, typhoid etc. in hygienic conditions

I celebrated my first Eid with the family. I had many dresses to wear and got many visits. It was really wonderful seeing a lot of people. But I didn't like others squeezing my arms or cheek.

I like going outside and watching people. But when I am hungry, I get very annoyed when Ma is not around. Everybody comes rushing in hearing my intense cry. Baba tries to feed me Baba's milk (infant formula) which I take occasionaly and only from Baba. But the taste is really awful. There is no match for Ma's milk.

I gotta take a nap. See you around.

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