November 21, 2004


I am shocked and outraged too like Natasha hearing the news of the execution of Margaret Hassan. Attacks on aid workers have increased rapidly in recent times. The persons who sacrifice their secured lives to save others in distress end up as a target of hate by the persons who are supposed to fight for the distressed. This is a real heart breaking irony and these acts should be condemned by every sane human being.

But we see a glaring double standard by some people of the world, which does not follow any logic. As Jane Novak writes in a column in Arab News:

"The Arab world is enraged over the shooting of a wounded, unarmed Iraqi insurgent by a uniformed US soldier. There is no similar outrage for Margaret Hassan. Is it because she was an Anglo, a woman, or because a Muslim killed her?"

There is still no news of the abducted Bangladeshi truck driver Abul Kashem. The killing of Margaret Hassan will diminish hopes for his release. Because those insurgents are monsters and not freedom fighters as they claim. And shame on the people who endorses these killings for the sake of anti-Americanism. And in the end I would also request the Americans to ponder, why they let the anti-Americanism still growing. Why can't there be any reconciliation? Would that hurt their ego?


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