November 18, 2004


* Jeanne of "Body and Soul" is outraged over the desecration of mosque in Falluja by the American soldiers. She says: "I am not a Muslim, but the violence done to any holy place hurts."

* Dan is estimating civilian deaths in Falluja and comments: "Civilian casualties outnumbered insurgent casualties by three to one. Applying this ratio to the supposed 600 insurgents the Americans claim to have killed and you have a civilian casualty rate of 1,800 - in just five days. That's one innocent civilian killed every four minutes! It is a massacre."

* Winds of Change posts a comprehensive briefing on "The battle of Falluja".

* Owukori reports a review of American forign policy which says: Following the 9/11 attacks Bush's foreign policy became even more unilateral and international law was spurned. "There is no dialogue, merely a presentation of a 'take it or else' proposition to friend and foe alike."

* The left right debate is trying to make a balance.

* The Diwali edition of "Bharatiya Blog Mela" hosted by Opti Mystic links to some interesting posts like: "Indian farmers are using carbonated drinks as pesticides."


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