December 05, 2004


I am not talking about the game incorporated in the Microsoft Windows OS. Its the real thing. Minewolf Systems, a German company has developed a mechanical minesweeper which will provide a cheap, quick, and less risk solution to clearing landmines which are a big threat to humans in the troubled regions of the world. If you buy one Mine Wolf, it can be modified to a normal tractor for farming when you are over with the mine clearing.

Here are some facts to show how lifesaving this invention is:

* There are up to 110 million landmines in the ground.
* There are about 215 million landmines stockpiled throughout the world.
* More than 80 countries are affected by landmines.
* It is estimated that more than 20,000 civilians are killed or injured each year.
* It costs $3 - $30 to purchase an antipersonnel mine, but it costs up to $1000 to remove one.
* Mines can remain active for 50 years.
    More facts on humanitarian demining. The world needs more of these inventions and their wise implementations.

    Via Worldchanging:


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