December 28, 2004


Visual representation of the Indonesia quake and the Tsunami waves

Many are wondering why the coasts of Bangladesh weren't hit by the Tsunami waves as bad as those of eastern India. I am not an expert, But looking at the graphics, the Tsunami waves triggered by the quake first hit the Andaman & Nicober islands belt and weakened on the way to south of Bangladesh through the Bay of Bengal. That is what might have saved Bangladesh. But again I hope geologists can give a realistic view of this idea. However, Bangladesh experienced earth and water quakes as reported earlier.

Experts said that "the shallow water on the continental shelf of Bangladesh slowed down the onrushing sea surges before they could ravage the country's coastline."

Here is a link to the SEA-EAT blog set up by the South East Asian bloggers, which updates news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts round the clock.

The above image is via Wikipedia. According to them the latest casualty figures are 23,700 and 80,000 people are still missing. That will just give you an idea how much the death toll may rise. Horrible.


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