December 12, 2004


India's batting god Sachin Tendulkar equals another world record the highest Centuries (34 centuries) in Test Cricket with his countrymen, Sunil Gavaskar, another genius during the 1st test between India & Bangladesh. The match is not at all balanced if you look at the scores. Bangladesh is destined for another innings defeat by tomorrow morning. This is not to undermine the batting genius Tendulkar's play, but he got many lives (one at 0) as easy catches were dropped by Bangladeshi fielders. Tendulkar went on to score an unbeaten 248. I guess the goddess of luck was on his side and you need her to succeed. As predicted Anil Kumble went past his countryman Kapil Dev to be the highest test wicket taker for India.

Congratulations to both of them and I reckon they will extend their records to an extent, which will be tough to beat in 50 years.


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