December 30, 2004


Suman Kumar reports that the Indian Met Office sounded off a fresh warning for a possible tsunami on the coastal Tamil Nadu & Kerala in Southern India. He has learnt from a friend that helicopters are announcing the warning on PA system to evaquate people from Kovalam. But the sea appears to be calm.

Was there a new earthquake or an aftershock, which possibly could be triggering more tsunami waves? Waiting for more news on this.

Update from Suman: Relief operations hampered due to fresh tsunami warnings. Relief camps across the Eastern coast have been evacuated and people are now moving inland. The water levels has risen in some places.

More Udpate: Yes it was a false alarm. There were more aftershocks around 5 scale near Andaman & Nicober on thursday and people were warned. I hope the geographical plates settle down soon so that no further tragedy can happen.


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