December 26, 2004


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Hello Hello. Merry Christmas everyone. You people are the lucky ones who could get out of home and enjoy the Christmas holidays. But for me being 3 month-old, life is really hard. I can throw my arms and legs around but I cannot move on my own. Ma & Baba had plans to take me out for a drive around the city but that was postponed because of chilly weather. The weather is changing here in Dhaka and I am in protective cloths (mode) right from the start. They opted to stay at home and play with me instead. That was so disheartening for me, because it is really boring lying in bed and staring at the same ceiling everyday. I protested but nobody could read my lips from the gagas and owa-owas. But I must admit Baba played with me a lot. Ma claims that now a day I get very angry in trifle matters and resent crying my heart out. The adults often forget that babies have emotions and preferences too. She should understand that I do not like left alone and I do want to assert my preferences. But I must say Ma loves me very much. She got very worried about my intense crying during nights and shitting at 4-5 days interval and took me to a doctor. He was a fine chap who said that I am a citizen of an independent country and I am free to drink whenever I want and shit whenever I want as long as I am not taking anything other than Ma’s milk. He said that I was OK and the intense crying might be due to “3 months colic”, a state, which worlds 10% infants suffer from. This is due to forming of gas during the day and not burping up properly. He also said that after 12 weeks this symptom would stop automatically and it did.

I have not said any word yet but I communicate a lot with Ooos & Eees. I appreciate with smiles if you are talking to me nicely. I don’t go to stranger’s lap. I am fond of watching TV and specially cartoons. If you look at my blink less face when I watch TV, you will make out that I do understand a lot. The thing I like most is Ma’s lullaby, which I need to hear before my sleep at night. I feel secure when Ma is around.

Wishing everybody a happy new year. Happy holidays.

Rianna's audiolog (in wav format)

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