November 29, 2005


Wake up! Suicide bombing has arrived in Bangladesh. The militants have done it recently killing two judges. Today three people, including two suicide bombers and a policeman died when a bomb exploded during a scuffle near a police checkpoint near the main court in the port city of Chittagong. Another three died when a bomb was thrown inside a court library in Gazipur, north of capital Dhaka. (Source BBC, AP)

Really we are living in a wonderful situation. After the so called Islamic militants jihad against the court in a bid to kill man-made law and establish their version of Allah's law (you get the flavor of it by now) they are now concentrating on schools. Students of Khilgaon High School busy with final examination were panicked when a bomb-like device was set in the school and a letter signed by the banned Islamic outfit Harkatul Jihad, Khilgaon unit threatened:
"If Islamic education as per the Quran and Hadith was not introduced in the school within two days, the bombs would be detonated with remote-control."
Even the foreign missions in Bangladesh were not spared from the threat. Similar threats were communicated to govt. offices, police forces etc.

Meanwhile the security forces have not been able to do any headway to stop these bombings and threats. The political parties have the wonderful opportunity to play the blame game against each other. We even hear some intelligent(?) remarks like "Excessive media coverage helps rise of militancy". Yes of course its the media who reveals that militants are being patronised to cling to power and ministers ordering release of suspected militants so they might have some hand in it. How gross.

This is really ridiculous. All these make one wonder that this is part of a carefully planned agenda to divert people's attention from the upcoming election and other issues. This is a clear case of spreading panic if we look deep into the lunacy. This has probably nothing to do with Islamic militant's jihad or similar as it is unlikely that many separate organizations are doing the same thing in unison. Brainwashed and trained militants are being used and security forces are not being able to get hold of the kingpins. There must be a powerful quarter having access to the intelligence and other inside information (and untouchable), who is pulling the strings to gain some advantage. And the question is who and why. Any guess or clue?

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