November 21, 2005


Adda posts some thoughts on the nature of the Bangladeshis. He says:
As Bangladeshi, we faithfully practice, "Either it is my way or Highway". No one over here tolerates dissidence; no one wants reality check... So, if it’s not my way, you’re blamed.
I wonder why we always think ourselves as some lord who want to dictate others in our own will. Why we want to have privileges we have not earned with hard work? Why do we feel ourselves superior to others? Why even the poors want to be rich only to be an oppressor and to have privileges like a rich man? Why the political parties cannot adopt liberalism?

Lets try to analyze the problem with one example.

I was standing on a queue in Changi airport to get GST refund of the shopping I did. Suddenly a Bangladeshi man in his forties rushes in and requested the lady to process his one first citing many reasons. The lady in the counter requested him to stand in the queue. On his repeated request she told him that she will be able to attend him first if he could get permission from the other persons standing in the queue. I don't think he had got the message right as he got out from the place furiously giving all his paper to another officer standing nearby saying that he does not want the refund as no courtesy was extended to him. He said that he has an ailing mother with him in the wheelchairs so he cannot stand in the queue for long. The officer managed the situation by telling the person to stand in the queue and announcing that he will look after his mother in the wheelchair in the meantime.

You see even the person had a genuine cause of urgency he could have asked permissions of the persons standing in the queue or simply stand in the queue with his mother, who would be voluntarily helped by the persons standing in the queue. But instead why did he react in this way? Because probably he is a big shot in Bangladesh who is used to get privileges all the time. On my way back while standing in queue in Zia International Airport in Dhaka, I saw many persons avoiding the queue as some airport officials were letting preferred people getting the immigrations done prior to other men standing in the queue. Many people including foreigners in the queue were finding this very disturbing. But I wonder why these persons like to get this so called preferential treatment? What makes them so different from others?

I think we need to question this to ourselves why we cannot do the hardship of standing in the queue and let others get the fair advantage. Why do we need privileges and why can't we accept ourselves as equal to our fellow countrymen?

Our problems will remain if these questions are not answered.


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