November 19, 2005


I am writing from an Internet cafe in Changi airport, Singapore. The internet is free but the food is not. Well, what more would you expect? You have to earn the amenities you enjoy. There is no free lunch and it is foolish to expect that everything will be awarded to you automatically. Like the average taxi drivers I met in Singapore, were senior citizens and very very nice people. They are well behaved and will give back every penny that belongs to you. You would be urged to leave the odd changes to him, but not always they will oblige. I asked one 60 years old why he is working when he would be retiring. He commented that if he stays in home doing nothing then he will go crazy. As he was not fortunate to be rich, he needs this income to live better. Yes, the urge to have a better living draws people to work and not just going through the motion, doing the task efficiently.

Singapore is very well equipped with infrastructures and amenities. A multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic community which boasts of living together without hatred against each other. Even 50 years ago there were these community clashes and gang-warfares. But the government have a tight control over the law and order. I have seen one public protest in the busy orchard street. The protesters were 7-8 in numbers with polices outnumbering them and in the busy crowd they were looking like an odd group with no one noticing.

My fellow colleagues from India were wondering how the train ticket purchasing is automated and how they refunded the unused credits. All lavatories have infrared censors for flashes and many standards like these are maintains everywhere. People are civilized not to cross roads in red lights. The shopping mall Mustafa Center is open 24 hours and there is no risk of traveling at night. This discipline and law-and-order shows how efficient the government is.

And ofcourse the credit goes to the hard working people of Singapore who earned their happy living.

Yesterday we went to the Sentosa Island and had some terrific time watching the dolphin show and the laser fountain show. We were so amazed with the boat ride, we went again after dinner. What can I tell, Singapore at nighttime is marvelous to watch. The riverside cafes were so vibrant with all colors and races of people.

The best part of today was me meeting the Indian blogger Nitin Pai, his lovely wife and ofcourse the little angel Perie. They took me to a Thai restaurant called Lemon Grass in the Orchard Street for lunch. We had a good time and Nitin happens to be only the 2nd blogger I met in person.

My flight leaves for Dhaka within a couple of hours, so I need to move on.


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