November 06, 2005


I miss my single life. We used to have so much fun with friends and family on the Eid day: going for a long drive, adda (hanging around with freinds, gossiping), fast foods and ice-cream.

Now apart from the Eid prayers, on Eid holidays the world is confined to visiting relatives, watching special TV programs alongwith commercials of same duration and seeing the common Shemai & biriyani as menu. Pretty boring. I rebelled on the 2nd day, grabbed some kids (including my 1 year old) and drove to Nandan Park, a theme park 50 km away from Dhaka. The mothers were generous enough to come with us lending a hand to guide the kids while some of their husbands preferred to stay at home to take a nap. They did a great job in standing on the mile long queues for us while we ventured here and there. The crowd looked suffocating, but we had to continue with our quest of having some fun. We had the courtesy tickets (promotional gift from Nandan mall) which offered free rides for the whole park but we could finish only 2-3 rides due to lack of time. It went dark so early! The kids had to come home with heavy heart. Me too, not just because my cell phone got stolen in the crowd; because they did not allow my little one to be in the rides with me. The world is so cruel.

Update: I feel myself lucky. Because overcrowded funfairs can also be dangerous!


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