December 24, 2005


According to Israeli Media following the warm-up in relations between Israel and Pakistan, two other Muslim countries which do not have diplomatic relations with Israel have made attempts to establish contacts with Israeli officials. And guess what one is Afghanistan and the other is Bangladesh. (Via Salam)

Ynet News reports:
"Bangladesh's ambassador in a Mediterranean basin country recently approached the Israeli ambassador with an offer to establish regular relations. The Israeli ambassador happily accepted the proposal and the two agreed to keep an open discussion channel."
This is yet to be confirmed from news or other resources in Bangladesh.

Israel is the sole country to which a Bangladeshi cannot travel with his/her passport. A couple of years ago Richard L. Benkin wrote an Article called 'Dear Bangladesh', where he lauded Bangladesh and commented that by establishing diplomatic relations with Israel Bangladesh can play a good role in the peace process between Israel and the Middle East. And I wrote that I would be the happiest person if Bangladesh could make that possible.


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