December 31, 2005


Wishing all a prosperous and peaceful 2006.

I have been very busy lately in home and at work. Blogging had been a rare luxury I could afford lately. I have tons of ideas and events to share but just couldn't make it here (for lack of time).

Just arrived from a family new year's party. This year's celebrations were subdued to some extent. The usual crackers and fire works were absent, at least in the locality I live. Probably what kept people inside home is the extra police protection due to threats of the extremists and bans on firecrackers. The movements of vehicles in popular New Year celebration points like Gulshan, Banani and Dhaka University were restricted. Some people were wandering around in the streets defying all but loud musics and live concerts were played in fewer places than before.

Nothing special on TV either. In recent times one more Bangla satellite channel (RTV) has been launched and two more (Baishakhi & Bangla Vision) went into test transmission. But none looks very promising as they are just the same wine in a new bottle. Now there are 8 Bangladeshi Bangla sattelite channels (including BTV) on air. I wish there were separate channels for 24hr Bangla news, 24hr Bangla music, 24hr Bangla movie and 24hr deshi sport. There is a 24hr Bangla music channel launched by Indian Tara network but is rarely available in Dhaka.

More later. Good night.


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