December 01, 2005


The rise of suicidal militancy and the current political situation have shaken the nation. People have started questioning. Ishtiaque writes a fascinating piece which reflects what many Bangladeshis are thinking. It's a must read. Some excerpts:
"It’s high time something gets done.

Is changing the government a solution? I don't think so. They are all the same. These politicians lack the creativity and dynamic nature that is required in order to solve critical problems. They can only solve some mundane problems, or allocate budget for solving it. They never do the follow up and check how the allocated resources and approved plans are being executed.

And we call them law makers, policy makers, and the Government. I wonder why these stupid, incompetent and half-educated people should make laws for us.

It is a warning to the politicians to stop the bickering and get their acts together. Because if the people rise, they will get no place to hide. It's a psychological war of the nation against some derailed people and their masters. Politicizing it will only lead the nation to hell.


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