December 10, 2005


Bangladeshi rockstar cum blogger Mac Haque has an interesting analysis of the recent bomb atatcks in Bangladesh in "Global Politician Magazine". He says:
"The patterns of recent 'attacks' by JMB for instance are not only confusing but imminently laughable and does not in any way suggest involvement of a serious terrorist (if at all) group....

...If what is unfolding in Bangladesh today is as an outcome of a hidden class struggle over the years, then certainly the Islamists and not the secular Maoists have fired the first worthwhile salvo with attacks on the State. This is not terrorism that has a communal origin, they are apparently by Muslims against Muslims, and is essentially targeted to degrade and divide Bangladesh on sectarian lines, on theocratic philosophies of Sunni, Shiite and Wahabist Islam that are understood – but remains alien to in its very strong Sufi and Buddhism influenced culture."
And a bit of hope?
"Whilst indications are rife, that the JMB is only a trivial brigand’s brigade and more than State’s anti-terrorism apparatchiks like the State Minister for Home Affairs dealing with them, a blanket authority to villagers to use bamboo staves to beat-to-death-at-sight, as has been the Bangladesh tradition even in recent days to deal with violence when all else fails, is thought to be good enough deterrent to rescue Bangladesh. No high-tech weaponry as such is required to deal with such illiterate, low-tech buffoons."


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