December 08, 2005


At least four people have been killed and approx. 50 injured in another wave of suicide bombing in Netrokona (northern Bangladesh) (BBC, CNN). According to local TV channels, the bombs were targeted at Udichee (a cultural organization) district office and its head along with two suicide bombers are dead. The police had defused another bomb in the area an hour before the incident.

So it is evident that the JMB onslaughts are aimed to create panic among common people, not against specific targets like the courts. They are being successful because the government has failed to take any actions against the terrorist apologists in their party and the qualition. They are yet to deploy special forces to hunt these beasts down.

I wonder how many innocent people will have to give their lives before the government realizes their failure to tackle this. Drishtipat summarizes the current situation in Bangladesh and demands real actions to be taken. I ditto their request and urge every Bangladeshi to unite and resist the onslaught whatever way they can.


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