December 10, 2006

Army in Bangladesh

picture courtesy of the Daily StarI am watching pictures of tanks rolling in Dhaka. The President and Chief Adviser (CA) Iajuddin Ahmed has decided to deploy the army under civilian administration to keep the law and order in the country. But the unilateral decision has sparked rage among his advisers.

He explained in a televised speech a couple of hours ago that he wants to take a tough stand against the political protests. The citizens will probably not react much as the protests were disrupting normal lives and hampering the economy. However some fear that this is a move to create a ground to hold elections if the opposition wants to boycott the election.

The opposition Sheikh Hasina said in her reaction that she expects that the army will do things right and not let certain quarter use them for their own mission. She warned the army not to become controversial. The use of army in policing of civilians is not the right tool. The human rights abuse of RAB, the elite police of Bangladesh containing of armed forces personals is a burning issue.


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