December 03, 2006

From the Bangladesi Blogs

Politics: Blogs are said to be the mirror of a society. The recent political uncertainty in Bangladesh is troubling the citizens and taking much space in the blogosphere.

The nation is divided in two streams of political ideologies and one cannot stand another. Naeem Mohaiemen discusses Bangladesh politics and warns about a third force cashing on the rivalry of the major political parties.

ShahidulNews comments on the recent incident of intervention of the chief justice of the supreme court to prevent a judicial ruling going against a political party. This shows politicization of judiciary which is a bad sign for the country.

The much uttered words of politics are being humored and dissected by the bloggers. Crosses and acrosses mocks the sense of 'neutrality' in politics. ElectricBlues slams the violent politics of 'demand'. 'Fake voters' is another much debated issue and Journal of a Disturbed Mind proposes two solutions to tackle it.

The Nobel Laurate Dr. Muhammad Yunus's solution to the crisis is brewing much debate at Drishtipat blog.

According to Change Bangladesh the voters are facing a dilemma who will they vote for in the coming election. Some are not sure whether the election will take place.

Andrew Morris of Morris the pen caught up with one freedom fighter of Bangladesh, who is disgusted by the way the country's politics is going and commented "this is not the Bangladesh I fought for".

Meanwhile the election campaign has started and Shahidul Alam of ShahidulNews has posted some photos of the election campaign in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Talk posts a rare picture of Bangladesh Police helping a blind woman. The police has earned a bad name as they are used for political repression by the ruling parties.

Take Back Bangladesh is an effort initiated by some of the bloggers. One of the main organizers Nazim Farhan Chowdhury of Conversations with an optimist says in an interview how Bangladesh can be saved from the crisis. Its first initiative attracted almost 13000 people.

Photography: Ershad Ahmed posts in his photoblog some dazzling glimpses of Dhaka by night.

Diaspora: After residing 30 years abroad Ulysses of Back to Bangladesh is trying to become a Bangladeshi again.

Food: Shafiur of imperfect | world | 2006 feats Bhapa peetha, a dumpling cake delicacy of Bangladesh available during the winter.

IT: Bangladeshi developer Hasin Hyder of The Storyteller blog has written a book titled 'Wordpress complete', which is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to set up, customize, and market blog using WordPress. Read an interview with him regarding the book.

Russell writes in his cyber journal about a gathering of IRC chatters in Dhaka. IRC chatting has long been a craze among the net savvy young generation of Bangladesh.

Health: Jyotirmoy Banik of Share The Magic depicts a few unwanted incidents in the health sector in Bangladesh pointing a decline in the number of doctors practicing ethics and integrity.

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