December 09, 2006

Costly Mistake

"How could you miss the flight?" asked the British Airways counter employee. I was asking that to myself for quite sometime as I could only arrive after five minute of the check in desk closing. It was a terrible miscalculation as it took more than 2.5 hours to reach Heathrow from the North-Eastern corner of London. I should have abandoned my journey in London tube midway and called a taxi instead as I could see it coming. Or I could have done the online check-in before I leave for the Airport. Above all I should have aimed to be there at least one and a half hours earlier with another half an hour in hand for uncertainty of public transport. I could only blame myself for being so slow.

I requested her to help me get to the plane which was due for departure after 20 minutes. She said nothing can be done at this point and sent me towards the ticket sales desk. They said I can take the next flight if I pay four times of the value of my return ticket. Tensed events followed after that. I went back to the city to get some advice and booked another reasonable flight online. Then came back to Heathrow to take the National Express bus to Stansted Airport. Had to wait whole night for the early morning flight to Berlin.

Some mistakes are so costly.


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