December 27, 2006

Going Back

While a large part of Asia is experiencing disruption in internet, I am writing from 35000 feet (10668 meters) in the air somewhere above the Caspian See. Going back to Berlin in after meeting so many people. In this visit I have met many bloggers, from my country and from many parts of the world. I had nice time with my family too.

While coming back I had a few hours break in Kolkata. Aparna came to airport to pick me up and we spent some wonderful time in the Peter Cat restaurant in Park Street, Kolkata. We had the famous Cello Kebab, an Iranian dish, which was very good.

Today there was intense fog in Delhi, but luckily my flight was on time. Lufthansa is continuing to impress me.

Signing off now as my laptop battery is depleting. There is no power socket available. That is one other issue the aviation industry needs to keep in mind in the future.


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