December 20, 2006

Babar and Babri Masjid

Muslim Emperor Babar was not interested in merely building a Masjid in place of the ruins of the birthplace of the Hindu Gods Ram and Lakhsman. "He was interested in respecting a place of any worship" - says Dilip D'Souza.

He asks "if this explanation of a 500 year-old event is any less believable than the explanation that says a barbaric Babar tore down a temple? Is it more believable?"

It is for all of you to decide.


  1. Hi,

    <span>All hindus are silly people actually i want to give bad word though i am also Hindu i always reads the comment on net and dicuss with freinds what they feel about babri masjid they say check it out if no masjit no mandir built hospital or other thing but i want to say why every one know this place is belogs to whom.</span>
    <span>I want to ask all if any outsider come and force fully take u r place than what?</span>