May 08, 2007

Bangladesh India Cricket Series: Battle of Emotions

Bangladesh is a new cricketing nation. The passion for cricket is growing from the mid Nineteen Nineties after Bangladesh stepped into the big arena of cricket. Whereas India has more than a hundred years of cricketing history. It has also won the world cup and have produced many cricket legends in the World.

After the loss of Indian team to Bangladesh in the recent World Cup people reacted very emotionally. Actually it prompted India's exit from the World cup in the first round and reduced some excitement in the following rounds because there are billions of cricket fans who love India. On the other hand it was a great moral booster for Bangladesh although they have beaten India earlier. But Indian fans see this opportunity to show Bangladesh where India stands. Bangladesh is still two ranks below India in the official LG ICC rankings. To add a pinch of salt in the wounds another unofficial ranking showed India below Bangladesh.

Now India is in Bangladesh for a tour dubbed the 'revenge tour'. Although Indian captain ruled out the revenge part of it you already see emotions flying around. Every tips and tricks are being discussed. No doubt both India and Bangladesh team will be under pressure.

Here is the match schedule:

(via South Asia Biz)

Indian Nero Sports, first Cricket only TV channel (it can only happen in India) will telecast the series live. Sky Sports will telecast the matches live for the viewers in Europe.

I hope to see some good game of cricket.


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