May 24, 2007

One Valerie Taylor

Many Bangladeshis regard Valerie Taylor as someone similar to Mother Teresa.

She founded a Rehabilitation Centre for Paralysed Patients (RCPP) in 1979 which was later renamed as Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP). For the last 27 years CRP is renowned for treatment, training, education, and rehabilitation for the disabled people in Bangladesh.

Now there are some annoying news that the management wants Valerie out of CRP. Angelmorn has details.

Here is an online petition protesting the corruption and cruel treatment with Valerie Taylor & C.R.P. Please sign it. (Via Mahbub Sumon)

The reactions of the Bangladeshi Blogosphere is overwhelming. I have seen many blogs and discussion groups spreading the news and urging to sign online petitions. Some bloggers in Germany are arranging for a visit to the German chapter of CRP.

Breaking: A blog created for Valerie informs:
In a televised news of ATN and NTV, a source from CRP has reported that Valerie has been reinstated to CRP with full authority.
Thanks everybody who supported the protests.


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