May 15, 2007

Whatmore on Bangladesh Cricket

The Bangladesh - India 3rd one day cricket match washed away because of heavy rain. Too bad for the thousands of spectators and millions of cricket lovers all over the world.

Dave Whatmore gives an insider's view of the Bangladesh cricketers in an interview. And he is damn right in many occasions. Some excerpts:
"When we start well we are much better. If we don't start that well, then it becomes a much bigger job to bring it back in line. This has happened very often. The ability is there, but sometimes it just clicks.

The cricketing world wants to see a strong Bangladesh Test team because it has naturally the ingredients in the country - the population, the interest, the money, it has all the prerequisites that you think they need to become a pretty decent team in time. How we get there is the question. We are a full member country, I don't think stripping it will help. What we need is assistance."
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