May 29, 2007

Pageflakes pagecasts: the 100000 feed strong metagator

After the recent addition of pagecasts feature Pageflakes announces that its users have created 100000 pagecasts for its metagator. Pageflakes CEO Dan Cohen informs:
"Pagecasting" is the intersection of personalized pages with social media. Unlike existing social media such as blogs and podcasts, virtually anyone can use Pageflakes to easily and quickly mashup a multimedia page with interactive Flakes that will enable them to express themselves and interact with others in a powerful new way - including, of course, blogs, podcasts, videos, photos and more. Over 100,000 Pagecasters – a prolific subset of our much larger and rapidly growing Pageflakes user base – are enriching the lives of millions of Internet users around the world."
The cool thing is the tagging feature. For an example if you search by tag Bangladesh you can get all the Bangladesh related Pageflakes personalized (shared) pages.

There are numerous possibilities of how users can create and use these features. Using the group feature a group of users can create shared pages and do some more interactive things like editing other's pages.

It may not be far when we will see these personalized Web 2.0 pages of Pageflakes entwined with more enriched blogging feature and social networking features like twitter or facebook. These pages will be the virtual alter ego of the owners.


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