May 20, 2007

Pageflakes: the number one personalized web page

I first found about Pageflakes about a year ago. Since then it has become sleeker and better.

For those who are new to it, its an Ajax-based personalized start page like the big boys, Google personalized webpages, My Yahoo and Windows Live. In this page you have hundreds of interesting Flakes (modules) to add. These Flakes contains your day-to-day requirements like reading email, Web search, subscribe and read RSS/Atom feeds, address book, dictionary, notes, calendar, weather forecast, social networking like bookmarks, flickr photos, video, radio and other user-created modules. You can simply embed Flakes in your personal blogs like this using the export function. Developers can create new modules for Pageflakes and these can be shared with others.

You can simply drag and drop these modules to your Pageflakes browser desktop. No complex configuration or coding is required. You can access it without registering but for accessing your customizations from different pcs you can simply register for free. It has a page publishing feature with that you can share your pages with other users. You can make it read only for shared users or let others modify some of your contents as an option. It has also a blog Flake which lets you to blog in your PF page. If you put your location details it will automatically offer you flakes with localized contents. You want help in customizing your Pageflakes page? Pageflakes CEO Dan Cohen explains this on video.

My inclination to Pageflakes is due to the fact that its 3 core developers are Bangladeshis. Its CTO is Omar Al Zabir Misho, whom I met in February 2006 in a Bangladeshi blogger meet. There are 18 Bangladeshis working for Pageflakes now.

And surprise..surprise. Pageflakes is also available in Bangla. Besides English it also offers German, Chiense and Portugese language versions.

Pageflakes is run by Pageflakes Ltd. Initially the company was privately funded and Benchmark Capital invested an undisclosed amount in May 2006 (wikipedia).

PC World has recently declared Pageflakes as the number one personalized web page.

So what are you waiting for? Make Pageflakes your own personalized startpage. You can set this up easily- just add

i) In MS Internet Explorer: Tools--> Options-->Homepage
ii) In Mozilla Firefox browser: Tools--> Internet Options-->Homepage

And Voila, there you have it!

For an example of a customized startpage you can look at my page.

So how does it look? You can share your experiences, excitements, frustrations in the comments section.


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