September 10, 2003


"In Peace or in War, We are everywhere for our Country" - a slogan of Bangladesh Army.

Bangladesh has a very positive record in international peacekeeping and is a leading provider of troops. So far Bangladesh Army has deployed 44,674 soldiers in different UNPSO programs. You can find the detailed chart here.

During a recent visit, US Secretary of State Colin Powell welcomed Bangladesh to take part in humanitarian efforts in post-war Iraq. "This is a matter for Bangladesh government to decide. It's not a demand from the United States," Powell told in a joint press conference with his Bangladesh counterpart M Morshed Khan.

However Bangladesh govt.'s view is that it will participate in any peace keeping effort in Iraq under the banner of UN. No wonder it will think twice before deploying troops to Iraq considering the domestic & international pressures against that.

Bangladesh supports the US & international efforts on war on terrorism.


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