September 18, 2003

The war in Iraq was a huge mistake!

Blogger Diana decided to call it a day for personal reasons. But she also admits:-

...a number of factors combined to convince me that the war in Iraq was a huge mistake. I felt...embarassed to admit it publicly, but I realized that there was no honor in sticking to a point of view due to ego.

She thinks:-

The Andrew Sullivan wing of the blogosphere is trying (and failing) to keep war fever at a pitch. Every post, every day, is an attempt to polarize, to paint those who disagree with him about this misadventure as traitors and heretics.

She ends in her farewell post with quoting from email sent to her by a Muslim nonbelieving pen-pal, from a non-Arab country. Excerpts of which are:-

America did the Islamists a great favour. They removed a
secular Arab govt which is strongly anti-Islamists, killed innocent
Muslims,etc. which gives more reasons to justify Al-Qaeda to attack America.
There is absolute no justification to attack Iraq coz' Iraq and Saddam did nothing. By removing Saddam's regime, there is now one less secular Middle
Eastern state. The new Iraq will be Islamist just like Saudi Arabia, Iran,
Sudan etc. Even moderate Muslims hate America now. More and more Muslims
will be rallying to the Islamists like Osama. What was the Bush
administration thinking?

Read the rest here.


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