September 17, 2003


A week long international film festival is opening tomorrow in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The festival will screen 56 films - 46 foreign and 10 Bangladeshi - in 20 cinema theaters and cultural centers in Dhaka and Narayanganj. The slogan of the festival is "Film for the People".

The films from 31 countries have been divided into eight categories -- Bangladesh Panorama, International Showcase, Classic Showcase, Popular Showcase, Winner of the Don Quixote, International Competition, Focus and Retrospective.

Looking forward to watching some of the movies if I can spare some time from my hectic schedule. This is a great opportunity for the people here, who have otherwise the option to watch only sloppy Bengali movies and a few Hollywood blockbusters in Theaters. No Hindi movies are shown in Theater even though they are immensely popular here. Its depressing that the foreign English movies come to Theater generally after a year from their release (you don't have to wait that long if you rent a DVD/VCD version). You can get the DVD/VCDs of the Hindi and English movies as soon as they are released (most of them pirated).


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