September 24, 2003

Gush Shalom - The Peace Bloc

Let me introduce you to Gush Salom (Translated from Hebrew, the name means "The Peace Bloc"), the hardcore of Israeli Peace Movement.

The Gush was founded by Mr. Uri Avnery and others in 1993. Gush Shalom is an extra-parliamentary organization, independent of any party or other political grouping. Some of its activists do belong to political parties, but the Gush is not aligned to any particular party.

The primary aim of Gush Shalom is to influence Israeli public opinion and lead it towards peace and conciliation with the Palestinian people, based on the following principles:

* Putting an end to the occupation - Accepting the right of the Palestinian people to establish an independent and sovereign State of Palestine in all the territories occupied by Israel in 1967,

* Reinstating the pre-1967 "Green Line"

* Establishing Jerusalem as the capital of the two states

* Recognizing in principle the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees

* Safeguarding the security of both Israel and Palestine by mutual agreement and guarantees.

* Striving for overall peace between Israel and all Arab countries and the creation of a regional union.

I am really impressed by Gush Shalom's aim and activities. Read more from their site. Hope they can achieve their objectives.


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