September 22, 2003

Where has pragmatism and sanity gone!

I know the recent atrocities and terrorism against US, specially those after 9/11, has inflicted a deep fear among the general US citizens. The widespread Islamic fundamentalism and their savage killings has made people think that Islam is their enemy. They name it retaliation in the name of self defense where Islam does not permit killing others and it is allowed only in case of self defense. You see that these opportunist terrorists and fundamentalists have their own agenda (like being ruler of a country etc.) and use Islam's cause in their doing.

I recently came across the blog "A collection of thoughts" by Jennifer Martinez. She has a list of all atrocities against US citizens since 1979 and thinks:-

I ask you, my fellow Americans, how much more are you willing to take? For America to live, Islam must die. Those who follow the cult of Islam are incapable of staying in their own countries and keeping their paws to themselves. They continue to kill, blood and death are all they worship. Attacks by terrorists are not caused by the use of strength; they are invited by the perception of weakness. We are in a fight to the death. Either America will destroy the terrorists or the terrorists will keep destroying Americans. Let us strive to be like the heroes of Flight 93 -- to have the moral clarity to see what must be done, and the strength of will to do it.

She also says:

War based on the notion of Islamic destiny is underway at this moment in the Philippines, Indonesia, Sinkiang, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Palestine, Macedonia, Algeria, the Sudan, Sub-Saharan Africa, and throughout the world in the form of terrorism without limitation or humanitarian nuance—all in service of a conception far more coherent than the somnolent Western nations seem to comprehend.

But what she doesn't have is the list of the atrocities US did to Iraq, Libya & other countries and its strong unethical support to Israel which invoked fundamentalists. She is making this war very personal where the whole sane world is against those fundamental terrorists and opportunist miscreants.

Raging an war is easy when US has the modern weapons and trained soldiers and you have to overhaul/dispense the weapons after a long interval. Why not target the countries listed above one by one and kill humanity.


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