September 21, 2003


Seargent Sean of ..turningtables... blog is finally at home. His deployment in Iraq has ended. I don't know whether he will continue writing in his blog, but I think he should continue as he has the habit of keeping journals. Snippets from his latest posts:-

there are so many questions brewing inside of me...i am more confused now then when we arrived almost 8 months many...

..for all those that would question me and my ideals...i can only say that i hope each and everyone one of your children joins the military...and deploys to a far off third world country...and watches the american might destroy another force and nation in the name of freedom...i hope they see the insanity of war...the madness all around them...and i hope they return home to you...alive and with all their limbs...more confused then when they left...just like walk is almost over...but the journey is far from complete...

Here is an interview of Sean taken by Paul Woodward of The war in context blog.


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