December 24, 2003

Bollywood movies online via kazaa!

Worldchanging blog reports:

35 different Bangalore-based movie producers have worked out an arrangement with and Sharman Networks to make Bollywood movies available via the Kazaa file-sharing network. Audiences can download the films for a small fee to watch on their computers; the movie files self-destruct after the viewing is completed. The goal is to make the movies more accessible for international audiences, while still generating income for the filmmakers.

An excellent idea it seems. Bollywood, the Indian film industry is producing thousands of movies each year and many of them are popular to the viewers of the subcontinent who are living in all parts of the world and an increasing number of people from other countries in Africa, Russia and Middle East. The invasion of Bollywood movies is just in the sense that they make quality entertaining movies and songs and can boast of Actor/Actresses and production teams of International standard. If Hollywood can rule the world than why can't Bollywood do the same as long as they are maintaining the quality?


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