December 27, 2003


Top-ten good things about being an average Bangladeshi according to me:

10. I can easily poke my nose in other's affairs.

9. My popular pastime in Dhaka is eating out with friends or family (as there are only a few other places to go for amusement or a stroll).

8. I can watch Hindi movie and listen to Indian music all the day and still call others India'r Dalal (India's agent)

7. I can be critic about Bengali TV Channels and their programs and watch HBO, ESPN and Hindi channels all the time.

6. I can pee wherever I like.

5. I can cheer for my national football or cricket team knowing that they are going to loose and still be happy.

4. I can call my Hindu friend 'malawon' and still remain in one piece and be friends forever.

3. I only go to Jumma Prayers (in Friday) and still deemed as a pious Muslim in an Islamic country.

2. I can give you any sort of advice (from medicine to your problems in love life)

1. I don't have to vote for Bush next year.


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