December 20, 2003


The assassination attempt on Pakistan president Mr. Pervez Musharraf was foiled because of an electronic gadget (reports The Globe & Mail).

General Musharraf's motorcade was equipped with a bomb jammer, a device that is becoming increasingly common in the arsenal of gadgets used to protect VIPs around the world from a new generation of attacks.

The device blocked signals within a 200-meter radius around the President's limousine last Sunday as he traveled over a bridge rigged with five bombs meant to kill him. Only after the buffer passed the bridge was the bomber able to detonate the charges.

Most car bombs now are mostly remote-controlled bombs. What bomb jammers do is jam the particular frequency associated with that briefcase sized incendiary device.
Smart device I believe and every VIP would be able to get one. But what about the general people? I think killing the cause of suicide bombing is more beneficial for the mankind.


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