December 09, 2003


The Internet is a good source for useful tools. Apart from the multifaceted search engines and web portals, some individuals tools are available online and these can be really a great helper in times of need. I am listing some of the links I found to be very useful:

* Wordnet:

A lexical database for the English language whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Different relations link the synonym sets.

* IP address Locator:

Useful tool if you want to locate the geographical location of an IP Address.

* Color Picker - version II:

Excellent utility if you want to know the HTML equivalent of a color.

* Safety sign builder:

Make and print your own jazzy safety sign free!

* Bandwidth speed test:

Test the speed of your internet connection.

* Babel Fish Translation:

Quick translation service (upto 150 words)

I would also like to learn about more tools. Tips from anyone?


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