December 21, 2003


People say respect must be earned. But many of us try to gain respect of others by imposing fear or threatening others. This all starts when we think that we are superior to others and fail to respect them. I believe that to earn respect you must respect others first. When interacting with persons of apparent inequality we should give them respect. Otherwise a relationship of domination and submission would occur based on fear and the world will remain divided in many worlds (1st world, 3rd world etc). For example, there is a lot to learn from tribal people when apparently they seem to be uneducated and savage. I have another experience with an old beggar. When I greeted him with respect and asked of his well being he responded, chatted and in the end refused to take alms from me when I offered.

Lets not fear others and not impose fear on to others. Peaceful coexistence is only possible when we eliminate fear among ourselves and respect each other.


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