February 11, 2004


A friend writes to me on his expat life in Sydney:

....materialistic life is unable to turn out much more than the better. Existence like mouse � just move toward from hole to procure foods and get back again � the difference we make, we gotta find for the forthcoming, a budget estimated all over the life cycle.

Indeed, no difference between life of Sydney and Bangladesh unless style of life- Somewhere you�re gonna pull your Ford wheel and somewhere carts wheel- At the eve of your juvenile stage it had been said ahh!! We had not had a life!!!!- Does Sydney seize a good life! An Irish gal had been asked in the pub while dancing, she was furious �What�s life- Come on it�s been boring!!! Turn out guys!!!�

Life flourishes only into mind, shows your path in your way- miles to go � the miles are unhurried inside you. For me, better live for generation after generation, effort for generation. just say about life, wherever you are, the taste is same! The myth is �Live and let live�......

Spot on, my friend.


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