February 19, 2004

Same-sex marriage

Judging from the pros and cons (?) of same-sex marriage can you hear a revolution coming up in the western society?

I doubt whether it will make an impact like living-together or cohabitation. Although these experiments are not trouble free they follow the procreation rules of nature.

To sum up, my opinion is that homosexuality is not natural. The accumulation of wealth in the western society and no children of homosexuals to inherit them will cause an unbalance someday. And threats like Aids will increase among the gay-lesbian societies. Nature has its own revenge on the malpractice of the society.

Update: In reply to some of the comments I am clarifying one issue here. I said "threats like AIDS" not AIDS in particular. Who knows what could be nature's next revenge.

Its surprising though that homosexuality is prevalent in affluent and open societies rather than conservative and developing societies. For conservative societies, sex before marriage is a taboo and craving for opposite sex remains alive for many years since childhood. But in societies where you can have sex easily (ofcourse with consent) anytime you like since puberty, the attraction towards opposite sex diminishes as the the years progress. Human beings' nature is to discover new things and ideas. So sexual attraction to same sex is the hottest meme so to speak. I am not arguing that there should be laws preventing this. But I think let the behavior progress at its own merit. And you can imagine how it will be dealt in conservative societies, whereas it has aroused many controversy in the open society itself. E.g. Shanti & Jivha had some angry
comments to deal with after ranting on the same subject. Its unlikely that same-sex marriage would be a burning issue in Bangladesh in the near future.


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