February 14, 2004


We love ourselves more than anybody else. Those who like what we like, are our friends. They can participate in a prolonged discussion with us. Then we have a consensus. We love them too. Because they are like us not like the others. We do not want to listen to other thoughts, other religions, other views. They may dilute us, make us leftist, soft. We believe in nationalism. We want to make this world a civil place. We need to ensure everybody's freedom whether they want it or not. We want to make sure that our precious lives would be secure from all threats at any cost. We want every country to destroy WMD but we would keep some just in case.

I love that beautiful girl because she thinks I am the strongest guy in the block. And if I win her love then I can show everybody that I am the hero in the block worthy enough for a girl like her.

Now, do I hate those "we"s and "I"s? Narcissism rules everywhere. Where are the compassion and real love for others? Love means understanding and caring for others without "I" in it. Greatest loves involve greatest sacrifices.

When love can be free of the selfish us?


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