February 28, 2004


Recently a Saudi Arabian Tourism Web site, promoting a new program to encourage more foreign visitors, lists four groups not entitled to tourist visas:

* An Israeli passport holder or a passport that has an Israeli arrival/departure stamp.
* Those who don't abide by the Saudi traditions concerning appearance and behaviors.
* Those under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted into the Kingdom. &
* Jewish People

and important instructions include:

*If a woman is arriving in the Kingdom alone, the sponsor or her husband must receive her at the airport.
*Every woman must have confirmed accommodation for the duration of her stay in the Kingdom.
*A woman is not allowed to drive a car and can therefore only travel by car if she is accompanied by her husband, a male relative, or a driver.
*All visitors to the Kingdom must have a return ticket.

Here is the cache of that webpage. However upon protest of many concerns they removed the information and regretted for posting the erroneous information.

It seems that the Saudi rulers are showing their true colors. Alcohol consumption by wealthy Saudi Sheikhs is tolerable, but its a no-no for foreigners. Their hatred towards Jews of any nationality is explicit. Does Islam tell to boycott the Jews?Is anywhere in Quran written that women cannot drive a car or even a camel? Upholding Saudi tradition is always welcome. But except for the holy places like Mekkah & Madina, sshould all foreigners have to adapt to Saudi appearances?

Are Arab people going backwards? It seems that the bloody history of religion ruling countries, civilizations is going to be repeated with this rise of Islamic nationalism (err.. fundamentalism). What does the hatred against other religion indicate? Where these all are leading to?

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