February 07, 2004


Our good friend Laura had faced some struggles. She prayed to God for solace but she felt that God is million miles away and asked this question in her post:

Lately I've been thinking that the notion of God 'having a plan' is purely ludicrous. I know there is God's will , but does he really have a plan? Could it be that Love isn't about anybody's agenda, even God's?

I have received one email from another friend which goes like this:

Before rushing helter skelter to find God, let us start the search, by looking within ourselves. What we find is sometimes not very pleasant. Most people complain that they cannot change themselves. What I feel and say to them is, don�t be too hard on yourself.

Look back! Do you react less to circumstances, than you used to, a few years ago? If yes, then you are on the right track. If one learns to communicate with oneself, one progresses spiritually, and one is never lonely. If one learns to really meditate, one will look for only one boon, that of �peace� And that happens when one accepts, that things are, the way they are.

See! No one is asking you to give up trying to change circumstances; to the way you would like them to be. You can study hard and you may be a very bright student, but you could fall ill and fail the examinations. One has to renounce oneself to the above outcome.

Wow. Good stuff.


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